Paper posies
My paper posies are a hobby that have become quite successful. I now sell them in The Green Man Gallery and an Eco shop called Eco Republic. I also sell them on craft stores to some success. My paper posies have continually fuelled my love of paper craft and I am constantly trying out new designs and approaches to keep them new and interesting.

The Green Man Gallery
I was asked to help co-create a Spring time window display for The Green Man Gallery. I designed vinyl bumblebees to stick on the window. I also created a paper bird that sits in a nest. My paper posies that the gallery sells were also displayed within the window display.

Declining Pollinators Project Leaflets
To run along side the info graphic window displays I also designed a leaflet to re-enforce the message and to instruct the public in what wildflowers they can plant to attract the pollinators back.

Declining Pollinators Project
For my final project at university I created a campaign to raise awareness for the plight of the pollinators and to show how in recent years they are in decline. My aim was to create hand cut vinyl window displays in an info graphic form to display in garden centre to educate the public on what pollinators do for us and how we can attract then back.

Marks and Spencer
To raise money for breast cancer research the Marks and Spencer that I currently work at asked me to design a bra on behalf of my section.
I wanted the design to have a little bit of humour to it and a play on words. Therefore I created little blue tits out of vinyl and electric tape. The charity campaign was a success..

Fedrigoni Italian Sparrow
For the brown tone paper selector I picked an Italian Sparrow. I decided on this breed of bird as Fedrigoni paper is an Italian company and I wanted to create a link to their native bird.

Fedrigoni New Zealand Fantail
I decided to create a New Zealand Fantail bird for the black tone paper selector. This bird like the peacock has a natural curved tail display that fitted the paper selector perfectly.

Fedrigoni Peacock
Creating a peacock out of Fedrigoni paper and then using the paper selector tool was a natural choice for my print advertising campaign. The paper selector tool is in a fan shape that represents the fan of a peacocks tail perfectly.
After creating the peacock by hand I then
photographed it and placed the paper selector tool and the peacock together using Photoshop, I then went into Indesign to create the poster.

Fedrigoni Brief
The YCN brief was to ‘Produce a fully integrated campaign to launch and Promote fedrigoni’s ‘imaginative colours’ Paper selection tool in the uk.’
For this brief I decided to use my paper folding skills to promote Fedrigoni paper in the form of a print advertising campaign. The paper selector tool is laid out in a span so I played with the idea of birds wing spans to show off the beautiful colours of paper being displayed.


I am please with the final outcome of my animation. At the begining of this project i really struggled to get to grips with after effects. However towards the end after much practice i started to really understand it. 

After being given the music ‘music is math’ by the boards of Canada, the three words that came into my mind  that i thought related to the music were ORGANIC, NATURE and REPETITIVE.  After brainsorming these words i came up with the idea for my final piece. This is a bee flying around and pollenating flowers. The bee is being REPETITIVE by repeating the process of pollenating flowers. The flowers and the bee itself represent the words ORGANIC and NATURE. 

I decieded i wanted to make my animation mixed media because it is something that i enjoy doing. I used water soluable penicils on the bee itself. I think that the drawing of the bee turned out to be really successful. I really enjoyed the tape project at the start of the year, so decieded to use it again for the sunflower. Once i scanned in the tape sunflower i feel it worked really well. I also scanned in textured paper to create the grassy background. I scanned in the pink roses from wrapping paper. For the third set of flowers in my animation i used rayograms. I really enjoyed the rayogram workshop and would be keen to do it again. 

When it came to animating my bee i wanted the movement to look as realistic as posible. I took the scan of the bee into photoshop and seperated each part of the body. Once seperated i took it in to after effects and animated each part of the body. I put a motion blurr on the bees wings to make them appear to be almost buzzing. I then used the motion sketch to make the bee move across the landscape i created.  I really liked using this tool as it quicken up the process of moving the bee. It also helped make the bees movement appear flittish and quick.