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My final graduation project. I chose fedrigoni paper brief on ycn. The brief was to advertise their new range of paper. The imaginative colour paper selector tool. I decided to play on the word span as the paper selector is a span of fedrigonis paper. I thought a span of wings on a bird would be a beautiful and challenging way of representing the paper. I created birds out of fedrigoni paper. I choose birds that the colours worked well with. These are the final outcomes in poster forms. 

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My Final Book

I have chosen three of my favorite British Dialect words and made them into pages of a book. I have not done a whole book but certain pages that if i was to make a whole book would include. The book is handmade and done on cotton cloth. I have used a combination of stencils and stitch. I wanted to use a range of techniques and materials to represent the fact that the British language is made up from a whole range of languages as we have been invaded so many times over the years.

I am quite happy with the final outcome. I really like my stitching and feel that it has worked well. I have enjoyed using stenciling as well which has also been quite effective. If i was to redo this project i would not have used the material that i chose as i find it gets a lot of loose ends and can make my book pages appear scruffy. 

Over all i am happy with the final outcome as i have set out what i wanted to achieve which was a informative piece of handmade beauty.

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These are my own final ideas for Gunn and Moore. My handrawn logo was done with a sensil and stippling of acrylic paint. The stippling gave the effect of grass. i have drawn little cricketers playing ontop of the logo. I have also done a ball being batted flying through the sky and a broken wicket.

I am happy over all with these piece but i think certain aspects work better than others. I am very happy with the grass and sky. The handrawn type has been successful as well.

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I chose Katie Briars’s idea as it was the most appealing to me. I liked how she took the sport of cricket and wanted to make it into a thing of beauty. I originally started drawing this idea with just the use of water soluable pencils. This was ok but needed something more. I scanned in my drawings of bats, instead of drawing the cricket ball i used my etching pattern. The ball in the piece is the strongest and most successful part.I also took the interesting pattern from my etching for my background.

For my final piece i changed were i placed the gunn and moore logo. I also changed my logo design as i feel this stands out more and draws the eye in.

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As i was playing around with the gunn and moore logo i tried a stencil and stippling effect. What was produced reminded me of grass. The ideas that followed were to make the logo look more like grass. I did this by stippling acrlyic green and yellow paint to the same stensil as before. 

For my final piece i wanted cricket players to be playing ontop of my grassy logo. I decieded i need a sky for this also. I used acrylic paint again but this time it was applied with a pallet knife as i wanted a texural quality to it.